Principal's Message

We want the education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet - Swamy Vivekananda


It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to our website on behalf of the staff and students of Government Polytechnic, Chandragiri. I feel joyful to introduce you to the Academic Year full of activities and responsibilities for all of us, the parents, teachers and students.

As Swamy Vivekananda quotes, education is a continuous process which forms and builds our character, strengthens our mind and soul, expands our intellect and gives enough faculties to stand on our feet. In the same lines we are concerned to provide a wholesome environment to facilitate a joyful and enriching educational experience with healthy competitive spirit. Our faculty are well qualified and our laboratories are sufficiently equipped to impart a sound theoretical and practical knowledge to our students with efforts to develop a sense of concentration, independence and self-confidence among them.

We encourage all our students to explore their talents, both academic and non-academic, and hence to walk their professional and personal lives with impression and dignity. Our students get good placements, secure good ranks in ECET entrance exams for higher education as curricular activities. They are equally good in sports and games, exhibiting laudable performance in IPSGM (Inter Polytechnic Sports and Games Meet) every year. This gives them a sense of joyful learning, achievement and positive energy to take on the future challenges in their forthcoming lives. Trust that your ward will be happy, learning and evolving in this Polytechnic and return home with achievement.

However this is not achievable single handed. I take this opportunity to invite all the staff, students and parents to extend their support in all possible ways. We look forward to meet you in our vibrant campus.